Renowned record producer Joel Diamond has released a rare find of a photo showcasing a young Virginia King, mother of Demi Moore, in a Playboy shoot. King’s dream of an appearance in the famed Playboy magazine came true with the help of multi-platinum & 2x Grammy nominee Diamond.

Diamond Meets King Via Louise Robey

Diamond made magic when he scored big in the mid-1980s with the Zoli top model and actress/ singer Louise Robey. He produced her smash top 10 record, “One Night In Bangkok,” from the Broadway play “Chess.”

Joel Diamond — Image Courtesy of Dis Company

As impressive as the recording and video are, even more fame was discovered for Robey with…

Micky Dolenz singing Mike Nesmith songs on the just-released “Dolenz Sings Nesmith” is a true treasure of melodic memories mixed with new joy. Dolenz shows a magnificent range as he sings the beautiful songs written with heart by the wonderful Nesmith.

The well-recognized performer is hailed for his leading role as a vocalist and the drummer in the 1960s series “The Monkees.” The group was a huge hit with its recordings selling more than 65 million albums worldwide. They outsold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones from 1967 to 1968.

Dolenz Continues Harmonizing with Nesmith

Dolenz and Nesmith have stayed “family” even after losing their…

The digital NFT art piece “Got to be a Man” is the newest gem of a collaborative effort by Kid Creole & The Coconuts co-founders, August Darnell and Adriana Kaegi. Within 30 seconds one will be delighted and mesmerized by colors and movement flowing with a grooving ad-lib by Kid Creole himself that forms the artwork, “Kid Creole: Got to Be a Man.”

Everyone has a chance to own this gem of 80’s inspiration. With cryptocurrency, one can place a bid to win ownership of this historical music art piece.

NFT Art is Perfect Unique Match for Kid Creole

“The Inescapable Consequence” (Yorkshire Publishing), by J.D. Belcher, is a true fantastical read with a mix of mystery and paranormal in a nod to the style of the grandmaster Stephen King. The book combines a modern interpretation of the fallen angel Azazel with the intermixing of diverse religions and cultures depicted for end times of modern-day life.

This Pittsburgh-based fantasy thriller takes us inside the mind of Cashe — the mixed-race pizza delivery driver who is the story’s protagonist. Cashe is afflicted with severe sleep apnea. …

Hardships tend to break us, immobilize us, or even destroy us entirely, so understandably we become inspired when tragedy turns into triumph or when adversity transforms into an achievement.

Mark Gold — Immigrant to Innovator

When seeking to overcome challenges, much can be learned by observing an immigrant’s fortitude for achieving the American dream. One such person is Mark Gold, the current Technology Advisor to the Queens Borough President Donovan Richards.

Gold’s American dream begins as it has for many — arriving in New York City’s JFK airport from a foreign land seeking stability and prosperity. …

The famed music venue My Father’s Place in Roslyn, NY is forever attached to its founding father Michael “Eppy” Epstein. Both, the man and the club, share the limelight of historic proportions in the world of music’s past and present — and the future.

Image Courtesy of My Father’s Place YouTube

The 70s Birthed My Father’s Place

The early 70s was all about the music and antiestablishment — singing of ending the war and bringing peace. At the same time, major corporations were taking over building malls and chains that were slowly knocking out family-owned businesses.

The Roslyn Bowl was in drastic need of encouraging business before it was closed permanently. It’s owner…

Vic Kastel has brought his amazing 1970s music into a new century with his very first album — the critically acclaimed “Time Traveler.” With the aid of analog equipment and musicians, 13 original songs had been recorded in the 70s by the veteran singer and songwriter — yet never circulated before 2020.

In a year of pandemic sized madness “Time Traveler” is a welcome respite with the Times Square Chronicles calling the album, “A welcome and rare surprise.”

Kastel’s Musical Journey

From the age of 14, the music man was hooked after strumming the first guitar he picked up. He began playing with…

In a pandemic year of uncertainties, The Oxfords found certainty that dreams can truly come true — eventually — as the 1960s group was reborn at the top of the Pop Oldies chart on Amazon. After an over 50-year break up the band found themselves reunited and at the top spot 55 years since their very first success.

“A Classic Philly 60’s Band” remained in the number one spot for four consecutive weeks. The new CD has been exciting original fans and finding a new generation of fandom.

The Oxfords Prove Dreams Can Come True

Their story began when a group of six local Philly high school-aged…

A free workshop for guided breathwork healing is the perfect prescription to reboot one’s energy. With a pandemic in full force, it is vital to find ways to heal, relax, and destress in order to stay healthy and move forward.

Known healer Jay Bradley, founder of Breathe On It, is the perfect person to take one on a breathwork journey. A childhood of being bullied drove him on a road of bad habits seeking to anesthetize his trauma. Eventually, Bradley realized the need to get on a new thoroughfare to find self-love to alleviate a life of pain. …

Nineteen years later the never forget 9/11 brings back once again the startling terror that struck the U.S. — only this year being engulfed by the horrific Covid-19 Pandemic. Clashing with the day to never forget is a virus taking over the country and world putting tributes of remembrance at risk along with lives.

That deadly day should not be remembered in vain. Not only is it vital to recall all those lost on September 11, but it is also imperative to acknowledge how everyone immediately came together to fight against terror. …

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