Ashley Suppa Phenom Bass Player Ready for Stardom

Carol Ruth Weber
3 min readNov 2, 2022

At the early age of six, Ashley Suppa proved to be destined for stardom when she was invited to sing background vocals for Kiss lead guitarist Ace Frehley on his “Anomaly” album. The now 19-year-old has proved to be an anomaly herself with her sultry voice and talent as a bassist making her a stand-out among the so many young musicians attempting to make a name for themselves.

In 2021 she released several songs wonderfully produced by Grammy-nominated producer, engineer, and composer Alex Salzman. Currently, Suppa is also a member of Plush — the all-girl band on tour with Alice In Chains and Bush.

Ashley Suppa Continues Climb to Catch Her Star and Beyond

The young girl caught the bug to perform from her talented father who played guitar with Frehley and other famed musicians. She was lucky enough to have a childhood filled with music growing up in the shadow of rock stardom.

It was at age 12 that the destined-to-be-a-star-herself discovered a love for bass guitar. She polished her skills for her vocals and performance at the School of Rock. In addition, she performed at a local theater. It was at 15 that Suppa took the step to begin writing and recording. One of her demos caught the attention of Salzman who agreed to work with the singer on her first release.

David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, The 1975, Tyler the Creator, Dua Lipa, and Bruno Mars all serve as artists who have influenced the rising star. One can feel Suppa’s passion in her works. To audience’s ears, it is obvious that her music is written from her own take on her young life. Through her songs, she lives to help inspire others to climb out of their own cocoons to reflect on relationships with life and the world.

Image Courtesy of Ashley Suppa via Ashley Suppa Facebook Page

When watching Suppa’s videos it is clear that she has a unique fashion sense to go along with her stage presence. Her enthusiasm for style proves to be an amazing partner to performances. As Suppa explains:

“Fashion is also one of my passions that I equate to songwriting, both being ultimate forms of self-expression.”

As Suppa moves from teen to womanhood she proves her talent to be years beyond the normal young adult. In addition to a solo career, she is now spreading her wings to join Moriah Formica and Bella Perron in Plush.

The lovely phenom continues to work on solo material when not on tour and is ready for her runway debut one day. Suppa is excited about a recent New York City fashion shoot as well as a new video in the works, and a collaboration with Conair Beauty.

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