Best Eye Cream Picks as Compiled by Top Researchers

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Whether young in age, or young at heart, eye cream should be an integral part of one’s beauty routine. When seeking a quality eye cream, it purely comes down to the correct formulation of the accurate ingredients to address specific needs.

A team of researchers, at, spoke to dermatologists and cosmetic experts to determine which eye creams contain the right ingredients to best target common eye area issues. The quest to discover the overall best formulas to alleviate common problems of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles also resulted in understanding which ingredients are best to avoid.

Based on the experts’ knowledge and skincare research the researchers sifted through various eye creams’ ingredients. They then hand-tested top contenders from the biggest brands across multiple price points.

Best Eye Cream Picks

Hands-on testing factors such as; texture, smell, application, and packaging, resulted in a compilation of overall top eye cream picks.

Best for Wrinkles

  • Botanics Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream (picked as the optimal best for wrinkles)

Best for Dark Circles

  • Vichy Idealia Eyes

Best for Puffiness

  • Honesty Beauty The Depuffed Eye

Research, to help guide consumers in their quest to find the best cream crafted for the sensitive eye area, was extensive. Visit for a closer look of the intense investigative process, and recommendation explanations.

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