Bose Noise-Masking sleepbuds Help Insomniacs Find Sleep With Sleeptracks

Bose released a statement on June 21, 2018 announcing the release of its newest invention, noise-masking sleepbuds. The wireless earbuds have been developed by the renowned technology company specifically to replace noise in order to promote healthy sleep and living.

The new buds represent the tiniest of technology produced by Bose. But, huge things come in the smallest of packages and the in-the-ear sleepbuds come with an array of tech ready to produce a night of sleep for the wearer.

Bose noise-masking sleepbuds

Bose Aims to Promote Sleep for Better Health

Sleep can be elusive to many around the world who find themselves spending endless nights tossing and turning. For these people life is not only greatly disturbed, but they are also at risk for poor health, most notably cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Studies have concluded that noise causing sleep disturbance may ultimately be a leading cause to the health risks of CVD. Sound annoyances, particularly from aircraft, cause lower level noises that disturb sleep and produce stress.

According to Doctor NDTV, Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University-Mainz (JGU) in Germany now recognize that an enzyme in the body’s inflammatory cells causes vascular damage attributed to noise from aircraft. In addition, investigations discovered that nighttime air traffic noise activity is particularly harmful, yet, daytime noise does not have the same impact.

As stated Professor Andreas Daiber from JGU:

We demonstrate for the first time that ‘night-time noise’, i.e., noise during the sleep phase of the mice, and not the noise during the waking phase is responsible for vascular dysfunction.

Bose has developed an innovative product that does not attempt to just mask outside noise like other products that rely on turning up the volume. Instead the 10-preloaded sounds, called sleeptracks, work to match the common night sound frequencies such as snoring, dogs, traffic, and loud neighbors. Relaxing audio snuggly fitted into the ears is used to blanket the sleep enabling sounds to promote dreamland and better health.

Bose Makes Earbuds for Sleep Comfort

During daytime hours one can easily wear headphones to mask sounds in order to work. At nighttime those same headphones, and even regular in-the-ear earplugs, can be uncomfortable when attempting to rest the head on a pillow. In addition, the normal route of increasing volume to mask sounds does not work to induce sleep when one is seeking complete quiet.

The just released Bose sleepbuds are crafted with a choice of three included sleep tips to fit tightly inside the ears so that the sleeper hardly remembers they are there. The sounds, that run for up to 16-hours, work with a Bose sleep app installed on one’s smart phone via Bluetooth to program the perfect reverberation to replace noises causing sleep deprivation.

As technology grows it can answer the calls of the masses seeking answers to enhanced wellbeing. With the newest addition of the Bose sleep aid hopefully many will see much-better sleep, along with reduced stress and improved heart health.

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