Can September 11 Day of Remembrance Heal Divided Nation

Carol Ruth Weber
6 min readSep 11

As the U.S. is mindful of a September 11 Day of Remembrance there are now many citizens working tirelessly to divide this same nation under the guise that they are saving it from “wokeness.” All were very suddenly woken on that day we will never forget in 2001 on 9/11. As the destruction bombed the country it shocked a nation into waking up to work in unison to recover and fight the enemy.

Can September 11 Day of Remembrance Heal Divided Nation
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Twenty-two years later, as the United States has become more divided than ever in its lifetime, it is most important that all must never forget 9/11. The horrors of that day brought a country together. It did not matter who one voted for, gender, religion, or race. All worked collectively to overcome the terrorist attacks and rebuild as a truly united nation.

On this year’s September 11 Day of Remembrance, one should shudder to think how this now divided country would react today under the same circumstances. As now the United States is not fighting outside terrorists, but instead homegrown ones.

Day of Remembrance Overtaken by Constitutional Fears

The Constitutional Convention gathered in Philadelphia in May of 1787. The delegates met in secrecy as they committed to talk freely. Instead of revising any active governing policies, they wrote an entirely new guiding principle. In doing so, the delegates created the central government that is still in power now.

There was much arguing by states reluctant to give up power to a central government. It was Massachusetts that suggested the compromise of “vote now, amend later” which helped its state and others agree to its ratification. The Constitution was then signed on September 17, 1787.

As the infighting continues in 2023, one can see how the fears were real and are now those a nation is fighting. On this Day of Remembrance, it is sad that those in power must be reminded what their job is. They were all voted in to come together to agree for the nation’s sake — to protect from a deficit, allow for all the peoples’ rights, and to not prevent vital military promotions from happening.

Day of Remembrance Should not be Made Political

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