Emily Sciarretta Glitters Inspiration Beyond Ms. Wheelchair NY USA

Emily Sciarretta is an amazing woman who spreads her cheerful karma through her bright smile and beautiful singing voice. It is evident why Sciarretta was chosen as Ms. Wheelchair New York, USA. One barely notices her bedazzled chair as she sits upon it more like a moving throne carrying its Queen as she spreads her cheerful disposition to all she meets.

Sciarretta is thankful for all that life has given her. She even looks at herself being in a wheelchair as a kind of blessing. For if life never took the turn that it did for her, Sciarretta would not of been in the situation to meet her love, her husband Frank. Frank Sciarretta has scoliosis and has been wheelchair abled since birth. The two were brought together by their service dog children. Sadly, Frank’s dog, Sebastian, left this Earth, but happily the family welcomed it newest addition of Drew, a yellow lab who has fit right in with his parents and sister.

Emily speaks proudly of her blended family. “I went to Canine Companions to be matched with a furry aid and found my soul mate, along with a sibling for my dog. The four are a happy family living in a lovely home in Long Island, NY. It is fitting that Sciarretta’s mission statement for Ms. Wheelchair New York USA and her life is, “Service dogs changing lives one wag at a time.”

Just like any proud parent, Emily loves telling stories about her furry child. Yesterday I dropped a Q-tip and said oh, oh! Carmel’s ears perked up and she rose from her sleep to come to help me. Normally the command is ‘get,’ but Carmel knows me so well that she has learned when I say oh, oh it means I probably need assistance.”

The home’s interior is beautiful. Sciarretta is so proud to give her husband the credit for his creative talent of designing their home. The huge kitchen makes it easy for the husband and wife to prepare scrumptious meals together and entertain guests. One would not even realized that the lovely décor was designed to be wheelchair friendly if not for the opening below the sink and stovetop. The stunning Sciarretta is as humble as much as she is beautiful. On this day Sciarretta is enjoying having her husband off from the daily grind of business, as they work together to ready their home to be adorned for the holidays.

With clear love, Sciarretta happily talks about knowing her husband for four years and being married for two stating, “We work so well together like we are reading each other’s mind.”

An interview with Ms. Wheelchair New York, USA and her husband reveals just how amazing Emily Sciarretta is and why she deserves the title of Ms. Wheelchair USA.

Carol Ruth Weber: Do you ever feel sorry for yourself?

Emily Sciarretta: Actually, I do, but not often. Briefly, maybe once a year. The other day I was showing my aid this amazing Christmas village. I had a Brachial plexus injury to my right arm six years ago that left my arm paralyzed except for my fingers. This struck me the other day when I thought if I had my arm I could put up the Christmas village.

[Sciarretta, not dwelling on a down moment changed the subject to give the exciting news that she was to make an appearance at the Henry Viscardi School for disabled students K through 12. They have asked her to sing for the students on celebrity sports night.]

CRW: Why did you decide to run in the pageant circle?

ES: I believe so strongly in service dogs and canine companions that I wanted to get the word out to the public, and thought this would be a great platform. I was already an ambassador for Canine Companions so this is a way for me to help even more.

CRW: Beginning life on your feet, how has your being in a wheelchair impacted your life?

ES: The truth of it is, is that I feel God has used me more in the chair than before. Putting my health-related conditions aside, I find that my purpose in life has been driven to raise awareness “it doesn’t end your life, it just changes it.”

CRW: What keeps you going and being motivated?

ES: God, my family, friends and music. If I’m having a bad day I sing to my favorite inspirational music, barring I am not having a headache.

CRW: What ideals do you want to pay forward to others?

ES: Good will. I have been told that I inspire people by my sheer force of will. I want to let people know that there is life after an accident or illness. It is important that people know that with will, you will live on.

CRW: Did you have a pet dog when you were young and not in a wheelchair?

ES: Yes! We had a few but the one I remember the most was Doobie, named for the Doobie Brothers [she laughs]. A female mix with lab.

CRW: What do you feel that service dogs give that a human aid does not?

ES: Unconditional attention and affection, and fun. I get to play and train them in exchange for more independence.

CRW: Do you feel that having Carmel provides you with a bigger sense of security and wellbeing?

ES: Definitely, she actually protected me once… Even though she is not trained for it. I was on the street and did not feel safe with some people who were approaching. She sensed what was wrong and gave a growl forcing the group to turn around.

CRW: What is your biggest hope for your life?

ES: That Frank and I stay status quo with our conditions and we don’t get worse.

CRW: Frank what did you envision for your life?

Frank Sciarretta: Having a job and a good family. I kind of gave up in my 40’s. I went to get my first service dog in 2008. In 2010 Emily went to get her first dog, the sweet Carmel. We met through a puppy raiser. I had totally thought I would never meet someone I could spend my life with.

CRW: How has Emily impacted your life?

FS: Monetarily, she loves the bling. Kidding aside, she has given me a new best friend to spend the rest of my life with.

CRW: What do your furry kids lend to your family unit?

ES: Lots of laughter and helping paws.

CRW: Are you both excited about the impact of Emily being named Ms. Wheelchair New York USA?

FS: Absolutely, She is given a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about service dogs. Next up the world!

CRW: What platforms have you been able to share as Ms. Wheelchair New York, USA and going forward in your efforts?

ES: Service dogs and disability issues including better disability laws and healthcare.

The lovely woman credits a higher spirit in guiding her through life. Sciarretta is thrilled to state the many appearances that she has been asked to make. She was thrilled to speak at the New York stock exchange as Ms Wheelchair New York, USA.

One easily forgets that the lovely and stately raven haired beauty is disabled due to extreme debilitating conditions. As someone who once walked instead of rolled, she does not feel sorry for herself. Instead Sciarretta has turned her disability into the ability to help others through her smile and gentle humorous nature of putting all at ease. It is abundantly clear how Sciarretta won her title and why she is a worthy of being the Queen to rein as the voice for educating the world about people living with disabilities.

Take a cue from Sciarretta’s smiling and Carmel’s tail wagging to live life forward to help change lives for the better. Even in what seems the toughest of life’s moments, never be afraid to dance.

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