COVID-19 Testing is Best Countermeasure to Ease Virus

Carol Ruth Weber
5 min readApr 3, 2020

COVID-19 testing of all persons will implement the ability to make predictions on the function and outcome of the level of the mitigations in place and other necessary measures needed to contain this coronavirus. Facts must be collected on the relevant variables of amassed data coming from testing results in order to do the work needed to stop the pandemic spread and find a cure.

Intense COVID-19 Testing Needed to Stop Exponential Growth

Without appropriate testing, general statements cannot be made on the exponential growth of the pandemic, nor can there be necessary implementations put in place to reduce the spread of the disease. Only by performing mass COVID-19 testing will allow for experts to access what percentage of the population has been infected to take appropriate measures to isolate them from the healthy community.

One conclusion that can be drawn from the pandemic is that the total number of infected individuals due to COVID-19 is much higher than the number of known confirmed cases. This is because proper COVID-19 testing has not been taking place and also dependent upon the existing number of asymptomatic and presymptomatic cases.

When Rigorous countermeasures have not been implemented the expectancy of the mortality rate could be very high — or grow exponentially over time. The exponential growth is a result of the lack of necessary and sufficient mitigation in place.

The reproduction number (RO) is used by scientists to realize how intense of an outbreak there will be from an infectious disease. This allows for an understanding of the ideal, or theoretical, effect of the pandemic when one infected individual enters a fully susceptible community (RO>1). Experts also use the RO to understand the effective rate of the multiplication pertaining to the probability of the pandemic over time — along with contributing demographics.

COVID-19 Testing to Isolate Cases and Stop Spread

COVID-19 testing also allows for experts to track serial interval, the time it takes between one person having symptoms to when the second person will become infected and show symptoms. This is a dependent variable of…

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