Easy Home Extension Achieved with Modular Addition Option

More people looking to expand their residences are using a modular option after factoring in price and time. Making that toy dream house into a reality with a custom modular extension is a cost-effective option that also can greatly reduce the time spent in the upheaval of construction.

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Modular Extensions Answer Space Addition Needs

As property values rise, instead of moving to a larger home, people are looking to alternative solutions in order to upgrade and expand their existing abodes. Many dream of adding that special extension to the abode for that grand kitchen, with the great room attached, or magnificent master suite. Others simply crave more space for an expanding family or home business.

Not only are families still growing with a new little one arriving, but now there are many other reasons larger homes are needed. Elders are living longer lives — often requiring a space of their own when a move into their children’s home is necessitated. College grads are now flocking back to the nest in attempt to start their own lives — often with their own new families in tow.

The home extension is not what it used to be living with contractors during six to twelve months of a complete mess and upheaval. There is now the option of having a modular addition custom made for the home. Just as in a completely built modular home, dormers and extensions are now being built utilizing the new innovative modular method.

The time it takes for the building process is drastically reduced with far less inconvenience to the homeowner. In addition, the process taken in which the modular extension is built is more environmentally friendly as it cuts down on waste utilizing a computer to cut materials.

Custom Built Modular Option Saves Time and Money

As with traditionally built additions, modular additions are custom designed to the specifications and needs of the client. The difference is that the new method allows for the home addition to be built off site at a manufacturing facility. The modular extension is then brought to the project site and attached to the existing structure.

The almost complete modular units are stacked next to, or put on top of, an existing structure like building blocks that are put in place. These modules are spliced into a preexisting structure to create a well thought out cost effective extension or dormer. Any stairs, along with the interior décor, can then be factored in on-site.

This is still a relatively new concept of combining a conventional building with a modular extension to save time, cost, and mess. The preexisting structural foundation must be rebuilt to support the new modular expansion just as with the construction of the traditional add-on.

The first step to an expanded home should be to consult a design expert. This professional should analyze custom needs and complete proposed plans, as well as submit drawings to municipality for approval and permits. Soon those dream home visions will become a reality as the newly improved abode expansion is completed.

The advantage of using modular additions is the time savings. Less time for project completion results in limiting liabilities, quality assurance, overall efficiency, a much shorter on-site construction time, and less stressful environment for the homeowner.

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