Eco-Friendly Wallcovering Turns Walls into Readable Art

Carol Ruth Weber
3 min readJun 1

Unique eco-friendly wallcovering and decor have been created by visionaries marrying innovation with sustainability. A wall that is dressed as readable art is truly a unique concept brought to life utilizing recycled materials. Those seeking sustainable wall decor can find beautiful creations in wallcoverings created from old newsprint and movie posters.

Eco-Friendly Wallcovering Newsworthy Proves Decor Worthy

Image Courtesy of Weitzner Limited

Upcycling old newspapers is what creates the finished product of a textural colorful eco-friendly wallcovering with a lovely whimsical quality. Weitzner Limited uses 100-percent real newsprint cut into strips that are then handwoven on a loom. The strips are then backed with paper to create the Newsworthy wallcovering.

When one looks closely the newsprint can still be read. Imagine the walls actually speaking and sharing thoughts. Ones decor can essentially become the talk of the party.

Newsworthy has a water-resistant finish and is created using 70-percent post-consumer content with 30-percent nylon. Due to the material, the color might change when exposed to sunlight which adds to its natural appearance.

The design mimics the look of eloquent grasscloth wallcovering. Just as with the old staple of grasscloth, Newsworthy sits on the wall with a striated horizontal appearance in a paneled look. It just takes a vacuum cleaner to easily clean the eco-friendly wallcovering.

Eco-Friendly Wallcovering Hot Off the Press Updates Decor

Imagine words floating in cloud like manner on the walls to speak in a beautiful fashion to all who pass by. Each 41 by 106 Hot Off the Press panel is crafted using pieces from recycled newspapers layered in a collage fashion. Salago fiber is utilized to add a texture in the overall pattern and base adding a beautiful depth to the eco-friendly wallcovering.

Carol Ruth Weber

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