Famed Benny Harrison Session Musician Talks ‘Pages’

Carol Ruth Weber
13 min readSep 27, 2023

Benny Harrison, the renowned session musician known in circles as “The Legend” for his prolific musical talent, is revealing his first solo album “Pages.” The LP, co-produced with Mike Ciro, is filled with expressive musical content. Existing and new fans of one of the most in-demand players will be delighted to hear the first single to be released, titled “Soon.”

“Soon” is a fun upbeat melody ready to get one to sing along with Harrison immediately upon hearing it. “My Turn” is a thrilling instrumental ballad with a hypnotic melodic performance, while “This is Love” is a rocking narrative.

Famed Benny Harrison Session Musician Talks ‘Pages’
Image Courtesy of Benny Harrison via Dis Company

Harrison is well-known for his performances with many renowned artists. His talent for his work is recognized by too many to name. Some of the famed performers Harrison has worked with include Felix Cavaliere, Tommy James, Michael McDonald, Vernon Reid, Joe Walsh, Elvis Costello, Simon Kirke, Charlie Drayton, The Doobie Brothers, Alice Cooper, Buddy Guy, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Paul Stanley, Bruce Springsteen, and Flavor Flav.

Stated by Cavaliere:

Benny Harrison is an amazing talent. His love for music, his energy and enthusiasm separates him from all the rest. He is not just a musician he is family.

Tommy James expresses about the gifted musician:

Benny in addition to being a dear friend is a tremendous musician and singer and a consummate pro — and I am very proud to work with him!

Harrison Was Born to be in Music

A born and bred metro New Yorker, Harrison began his musical journey on the piano at age eight living in Spanish Harlem. As he took lessons and grew into the music profession, the keyboardist also added songwriter, producer, entertainer, vocalist, and guitarist to his repertoire.

It was in NYC’s legendary China Club that he got his first big break. The young-at-the-time musical prodigy was playing there in the group The Spydrs when he met bassist Will Lee, who then introduced the band to Paul Shaffer. Harrison immediately became a go-to in-demand player for big-name artists of the time and into the future.

Over the past six years, Harrison has dedicated his talent to assisting Veterans…



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