Frank Patz of Wintercon Brings Sci-Fi Fans Fantasy Passion

Carol Ruth Weber
3 min readNov 22, 2023

Frank Patz of Wintercon and Eternal Con fame is celebrating the ninth year of his two-day winter expo that features Sci-Fi stars of today and yesterday. The thrilling event will take place on December 2–3, 2023, at Resorts World NYC. Visitors to Wintercon New York Sci-Fi Expo will have two days of nonstop pop-culture excitement with continuous panels, Q&A’s, cosplay, vendors, celebrities, and after parties.

Image Courtesy of Wintercon via David Salidor

As the owner and operator of Eternal Con, the largest pop culture convention in the Long Island NY area, Patz has expanded to providing Sci-Fi and fantasy fans a winter respite of fun with Wintercon. Since June 2013 the super enthusiast has provided the summer fun of Eternal Con with Wintercon now celebrating its ninth year of thrilling entertainment.

Interview with Patz

Carol Ruth Weber: What inspired you to start Eternal Con and Wintercon?

Frank Patz: I did it out of necessity. My dad passed away and I had to move to Long Island to take care of his dogs. I liked to do conventions. It was always my dream to start and run a convention. When I had the funds we did the first Eternal Con and it was a big success. So, from there we went on to do Wintercon.

CRW: What is it about Sci-Fi, fantasy, and comics that create such super fandom?

FP: It is an escape from reality and real life. With everything going on in the world today it can get overwhelming. These movies, TV shows, comics, and games let you escape reality for a while.

CRW: What did you do while Wintercon was on hold during the pandemic?

FP: Basically, we just waited to see what was going to happen. We thought the whole world would change and people wouldn’t want to do this anymore. But people still wanted to do this to get away from their normal lives.

CRW: What are the differences between Eternal Con and Wintercon?

FP: Eternal Con focuses more on comic books and pop culture while Wintercon focuses more on Sci-Fi and fantasy.

CRW: What are your hopes for the future?

FP: I just hope people have a good time and we give them a place to escape for a while. That the younger kids…



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