Free Breathwork Healing Session Offers Burden Relief

Carol Ruth Weber
6 min readAug 11, 2023

A free guided breathwork healing workshop is the perfect prescription to help relieve one of their burdened worries and reboot one’s energy. With Earth’s inhabitants overcome with many forces beyond one’s control it is vital to find ways to heal, relax, and destress in order to stay healthy and move forward.

Known healer Jay Bradley, founder of Breathe On It, is the perfect person to take one on a breathwork journey. A childhood of being bullied drove him on a road of bad habits seeking to anesthetize his trauma. Eventually, Bradley realized the need to get on a new thoroughfare to find self-love to alleviate a life of pain. This is what triggered his spiritual and emotional voyage leading Bradley to find breathwork.

Image Courtesy of Jay Bradley

Breathwork Therapy to Rebalance

In this anxiety-riddled time, most are in deep need to discover thoughtful ways to gain control. Listening to Bradley gives one the encouragement that discipline can be attained to make life less stressful.

Breathwork allows a person to find their center. Destructive patterns, thoughts, and behaviors are released through the breathing exercise. Negativity is replaced with a new energy that works to balance for a healthy body and mind — along with spirit.



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