George McCrae Belts Out Disco Soul Enjoyment

Carol Ruth Weber
7 min readNov 20, 2023

George McCrae is rocking on as he belts out on Ultimate Disco cruises proving his right to be known as the “Acknowledged Leader” of the soul revolution. The man known for his 1974 hit “Rock Your Baby,” actually began the “Miami Sound” which turned into the vibration from which disco grew.

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McCrae Garners Global Accolades

McCrae’s “Rock the Boat” sold over 52 million copies earning it the status of being a historical worldwide top-selling pop record. Since that song, McCrae earned two platinum singles, two platinum LPs, and fourteen gold records — plus top music award accolades from around the world. The Luxembourg Golden Lion Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Foreign Artist in Germany was given to McCrae making him and Frank Sinatra the only U.S. Recipients of the prestigious award.

The song was a global record seller in 1974 selling over 52 million copies and earned the Number one single of the year by Rolling Stone Magazine, Record World, Britain’s Cash Box, and the Dutch Music Poll. “Rock Your Baby,” one of the biggest-selling pop records in history, stayed in the top one chart spot for months in over 82 countries.

Perhaps the most impressive accolade came from John Lennon. Lennon was so inspired by McCrae and “Rock Your Baby” that the song motivated the Beatle to pen, “Whatever Gets You Through the Night.” Lennon stated about the song:

I’d give my eye tooth to have written that. But I never could. I am too literal to write “Rock Your Baby”, I wish I could.

An Interview with McCrae

McCrea onboard the 2020 Ultimate Disco Cruise put on an amazing show along with Anita Ward and Maxine Nightingale. All their voices sang out as if they had never skipped a beat. The cruise was certainly enhanced with the energy McCrae and the women brought on board.

Carol Ruth Weber: How did it feel to have a hit just when you were about to move from music to law enforcement?

George McCrae: It felt really great, there are so many stories. KC [KC and the Sunshine Band] has told his version of it and my version of it is I was just about to give up singing. I was just about to give up singing and we went down to the studio to…



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