Immigrant to Innovator Ingenuity to Overcome Challenges

Hardships tend to break us, immobilize us, or even destroy us entirely, so understandably we become inspired when tragedy turns into triumph or when adversity transforms into an achievement.

Mark Gold — Immigrant to Innovator

Make Your Own Opportunities

Gold came of age as a youngster growing up in the Bronx being raised by his single mother. It was in the 90s Gold witnessed his mother struggling in the unglamorous life of working two jobs to pay the bills. The struggle became a life lesson and with no financial nor family support Gold felt isolated from any legitimate opportunities.

Achieving Through Relentless Ingenuity

Financial freedom is the American dream — especially when one is living in poverty. All Gold heard every day is, “We can’t afford this and we don’t have enough money for that.” Frustration starts to settle in when you see other people living without any financial limitations — taking for granted what others struggle for each day. Gold recalls:

Image Courtesy of Mark Gold Facebook page

Family of Pioneers and a History of Perseverance

In the early 1900’s Gold’s great-great-grandfather, Joseph, owned a modern-day transportation company in the former Soviet Union. He had a property with a stable of horses and carriages, along with a dozen employees and a family farm. For economic conditions of 1907, when the majority lived in abject poverty, the family was considered extremely wealthy.

Rock Bottom Can Teach You Lessons That Take You Places

Gold certainly proves that anyone can start at a young age to learn how to achieve goals and keep reaching for new ones. The innovator is now the Technology Advisor for the New York Queens Borough President Donovan Richards. He is a Venture Partner at Acronym Venture Capital — and an award-winning marketer that commercialized over 200 startups from around the world.

Mark Gold

Those Who Endlessly Try Eventually Succeed

The once impoverished youth’s now work has led him to advise Consul Generals, Mayors, and Ambassadors from tourism and technology at the United Nations, to Artificial Intelligence Investments at the State Department.

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