Peter Max Interview Showcases Humble Iconic Artist

Carol Ruth Weber
7 min readJun 3

The colorful artwork of Peter Max is among the most recognizable art spanning generations since the sixties. Max defined pop culture through his talent at a time when the Beatles were changing the world’s outlook with their music.

Image Courtesy of Tab Hauser via Nassau County Museum of Art

His openness and willingness to meet new people and experience life for all it has to offer is what keeps him so relevant seeming to never age from decade to decade. The icon is a wonderfully welcoming man with talent that one not only visually sees on his canvases but also can feel in his aura.

Peter Max Is So Much More Than a Mere Artist

The master artist has taken viewers out of this atmosphere and into a colorful cosmic world filled with color and love through decades of war and peace. Max has transcended political party lines getting to know and proudly painting for six United States presidents including painting six renditions of the Statue of Liberty at the White House for President and Mrs. Reagan and painting one hundred portraits of President Clinton spanning 20 feet wide by 5 feet high.

Born in Germany, Max spent most of his childhood growing up living in Shanghai, China where he began to develop his artistic abilities and his true love of art.

Peter Max 2016 Interview

Max has garnered fame for his color-filled statements of beautiful artwork. It is an honor to have had the opportunity to get to know the man behind the work that Impacted my life as a child of the ’60s and '70s.

Image Courtesy of Tab Hauser via Nassau County Museum of Art

Carol Ruth Weber: At what age do you remember first beginning to create art?

Peter Max: At two years old; my father would draw with me in Shanghai. My mother recognized my artistic talent and looked for someone to teach me to grow my abilities. She found an artist on the street who sent his daughter, Umba, over to begin teaching me when I was only three years of age. She became my beloved nanny as well.

CRW: Who first inspired you as a young artist?

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