September 11 Legacy 21 Years Later

Carol Ruth Weber
6 min readSep 10, 2022

The September 11 legacy of the fight to live in a free democracy is still a battle 21 years since that fateful day. Though terrorists tried to take down the U.S. we persevered in the immediate aftermath as a diverse nation held together by the commonality of patriotism and appreciation of life living in a free country.

September 11 Legacy
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Forgotten September 11 Legacy

Although shouts of “Never Forget” rose from the ashes on 9/11 it seems in most recent years our goals as a nation to band together against tyranny have been mostly forgotten. The September 11 legacy of those from diverse backgrounds and beliefs organizing in a collected union to protect the very soul of democracy is now being threatened by political unrest and threats of another civil war propagated by hate groups.

This society was built on democratic ideals allowing for the people to vote for who they wish to serve them. Instead, recent post 9/11 society political unrest in the United States has become the norm. In the past, whether one agreed with the person in office or not, at least one would be sure the post holder had the overall best interests of all the people at heart.

The very idea of coming together as a true democracy to serve the better good is what the September 11 legacy worked so fervently to build. This legacy has seemingly been forgotten by those who so obviously want only pollical power over the need to serve for a better country.

Disregarded September 11 Legacy Leads to Cult Allegiance

Today’s post-9/11 America has been overtaken by many ideological conspiracy-chasing politicians who spend their time spreading lies instead of working to help all in the United States. Unfortunately, these self-serving politicians now only are in office for status and control — stirring an allegiance of deceit and hate to continue in their reign and after.

Claiming fraud, even before elections, has become the norm for one particular-political party working to undermine Americans' faith in the election process. These so-called politicians work fervently against democracy to build themselves up, as if in dictatorships, to cult-like status. They feed on followers who buy the rhetoric and then perpetuate falsehoods.

Carol Ruth Weber

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