Solar Energy as Décor Option to Power Up Abode

Solar energy has made great strides in providing a wonderful source to power up everything from decor to entire abodes. According to Solar Industries Association, “Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source available”. Most think of ugly panels topping a home but solar power can now be seamlessly blended with an abodes appearance in a decorative touch removing the industrialized appearance aspect from affecting one’s choice to go solar.

Beautiful Solar Shingles

Image courtesy of Dow Solar

By using solar panels and solar shingles people are striving to have self sustained abodes. The solar shingles are a wonderful alternative to the more well known solar panels for their aesthetic quality of blending with traditional roof shingles. Solar shingles are placed on rooftops much like in the same fashion as traditional asphalt shingles allowing to meld with the abodes original design. As a method to heat homes and hot water, solar thermal systems are now more widely being used as well.

Sleek Solar Decor

The easy use of solar shades on windows can be a simple way to utilize solar energy to save money on bills. Solar shades work by reflecting heat away in the high temperatures and keeping the warmth inside during cold spells, thus resulting in lower energy costs. The shades can be easily purchased at specialty window decor stores as well as big box stores. Solar shades not only save in bills but also are perfect to blend with any decor, coming in different materials and styles. Purchase choices also allow for manual shades as well as motorized for large and high windows. The shades can be used alone or layered with drapery for a unique decor touch.

Image courtesy of The Shade Store

Attic fans serve to keep the abode cool when the outside temps heat up, helping to keep cooling costs down and the abode looking and feeling its best. Solar energy is now utilized to enhance beautiful outdoor decor. The sun is a wonderful energy source to provide power for exterior house lighting whether wall mounted or free standing lamps. Use of solar power works perfectly with lovely accent lighting for pathways and patios. The solar power pump kits allow for fountain decor to flow water without consuming electricity. Use of solar energy for the décor, and lighting along with attic fans, is a decorative alternative that will save money and the environment.

Image courtesy of Homegoods

As the world’s populations are becoming more aware of the dire need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, solar energy is becoming a viable growing power source. Solar devices work to convert sunlight into electricity, allowing for lower bills, much less energy consumption and the sole need to rely on oil and electric for power. Many municipalities give tax abatements for those installing the use of solar energy in their homes. There is also legislation in place in many communities allowing owners of solar systems to sell back excess energy to power companies, thus saving more money.

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