Tripping Jupiter Braves Music Speaking up to Rally Action

Carol Ruth Weber
6 min readJan 18

Tripping Jupiter is making a splash in the musical statement made with the release of their album “Lipstick of the Brave.” Madstone Rowan (he/they/them) is the magnificent face of this artistic genius.

Multi-talented New York City based Rowan spreads his gift as a vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter with just the right mix of groove and empowerment sprinkled with magic. Mixing classic glam rock and pop with the flair of a contemporary mix and today’s societal statements makes the timeless Tripping Jupiter produced hits also very timely.

Tripping Jupiter
Image Courtesy of Tripping Jupiter

The recently released album “Lipstick of the Brave,” was produced by the Billboard charting producer and mentor Barb Morrison (they/them). Morrison’s talents are recognized with a resume of having worked with well-known top charters — such as Blondie, Rufus Wainwright, and Franz Ferdinand to name just a few. Five of the album tracks feature bass performed by David Bowie collaborator and legendary session musician Gail Ann Dorsey.

Tripping Jupiter ‘Torn America’ Sings Message

“Torn America,” the third single from the album, sings an important message via video footage edited from the countries last two years of protests. It portrays the level of frustration and heartache felt turned into a unifying love and celebration bringing together multiple movements. The importance of Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, and the growing climate crisis are given a platform.

This is not meant to be like the preachy protest songs of other eras — “Torn America” does not work to tell others what they should fight for. It utilizes its music and video platform to showcase what many have been feeling and to gather the “collective frustration into purposeful action.”

The Percy Bysshe Shelley poem, “The Masque of Anarchy,” was inspiration for the last line of “Torn America.” The words of the composition compel everyday people to “Rise Like Lions After Slumber, in an unvanquishable number.”

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