Ultimate Disco Cruise Features Intimate Multi Celeb Q&A

The 2020 Ultimate Disco Cruise not-to-miss Q&A featured multiple entertainment giants. “The Birth of Disco Phenomenon” allowed fans to get very up close and personal with Earl Young of the Trammps, Deney Terrio, DJ Felix Hernandez, Bob Pantano, and Felipe Rose. Included among the musical greats was a music icon in his own right, StarVista Live Executive Producer Alan Rubens.

Disco Talked About by Those Who Helped Start the Magic

Terrio was introduced first with accolades wearing a fitting Ambassador of Disco sash, followed by Hernandez. Earl Young came out to standing ovation. Rubens came out and then Rose — known to be an innovator of the Disco Club scene with the original Village People.

What a chance to hear these legends talking about their lives giving shout outs to each other — making evident how close-knit of a family these humble music masters are. Interesting to hear how each got started. Terrio gave shout-outs to Rose and Young when speaking about the music relating to “Saturday Night Fever.” He then told the story of when he first met Travolta — how he told the “Welcome Back Kotter” star that he needed to be Valentino, not Barbarino.

Hernandez spoke how disco is the evolution of a much bigger stream of music and culture, adding that everything old is new again. Pantano interjected how disco began with people wanting to dance again — that the music started in the nightclubs, not on the radio. The Philly DJ stated that the biggest thrill was to go from AM to FM on the radio.

Rose explained how Latin salsa dancers brought the hustle type of dance into the clubs. He told his story of how he was dancing in the clubs when he was discovered by French producer Jacques Morali. The Village People pioneer told how he wore sleigh bells on his ankles so all heard him wherever he was in the club. Morali came back to him a few months later saying he wanted to form a group around Rose — and Village People was born.

Young spoke of how the men on stage have been together as a family for 40 plus years. The star drummer then spoke of how influential Rubens has been for his career-long before the StarVista Live cruises. With a huge smile, Young stated, “Disco is purely about having a good time.”

The Panel Was Passionate Speaking of Love for Their Craft

Rose reminded all how disco brought back the idea of getting dressed up again to go to clubs — with guys donning jackets. Deney added, “as in Saturday Night Fever.” A bit of trivia was given by Rose telling all that “Play That Funky Music White Boy” was written about KC of KC and the Sunshine Band.

As the panel chatted comfortably with the intimate audience, Hernandez spoke out of love that he brought the Roseland back in the 90s The DJ stated how disco survives out of love from the artists and fans. To which Rose applauded the DJs saying how they are the ones who made the disco movement really-happen.

Proudly, Young explained how disco music opened the doors for many of them to perform in other venues like TV and movies.

Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

ith people aching for relatable sounds, Rubens talked about how Time Life still sells so much music on TV and how people now want vinyl again, and cassettes. The panel all agreed with Rubens how the old album covers had every musician credited, whereas now no one knows who the background entertainers and musicians are. Rubens reminisced about how nice it was to hold the album and read the back of it and how great that there is a resurgence for vinyl.

Terrio added how he is just happy that there is a spotlight for dancing now stating, “Dancing has come into its own.” For a perfect ending remark from a panelist, Rose stated what the others on stage were thinking. When he was asked what the highlight of the disco cruise is Rose pointed to the audience and said these people!

The Q&A was the perfect way to start the final day of the Ultimate Disco Cruise. Magic was felt with the energy of the discussion and the passion all feel for their craft. Every hour of the cruise is packed with entertainment featuring concerts, dancing, music, discussions, and meet and greets. The experience is like no other and is why most of the cruisers have already booked for the 2021 Ultimate Disco Cruise.

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